how to get rid of acne scars
how to get rid of acne scars
how to get rid of acne scars
how to get rid of acne scars
how to get rid of acne scars
how to get rid of acne scars

Our Story


I started this business 4 1/2 years ago because I found an effective treatment that could really help people with their skin concerns. I wanted to help people find an affordable and effective means of minimising and/or eliminating unsightly skin problems such as acne scars, stretch marks, pigmentation, etc without costing a fortune.


I am also deeply passionate about alternative ways to improve beauty without cruelty. No animals were harmed in the making of our products. I believe that changing the world starts with you so make intelligent decisions when purchasing products that affect our environment and planet.


We are different when it comes to caring about our customers. We provide excellent service and always try our best to give the best advice where we can. We only provide products that consist of the best quality ingredients and are organic in nature. That's why we source and formulate our organic products ourselves. This way we are in full control of where our ingredients come from and what exactly they contain.


Why do we only sell our products online? There are so many reasons but in short, so we can serve the whole country and not just the community around us. What that means for you, is that no matter where you live, your products are just a click away. Online shopping is convenient too! Now you don't have to run around from one skincare supplier to the next trying to source quality products at fantastic prices. We're right here!  Best of all, delivery is free!


What else makes us different?


We guarantee results. We know our products and use them ourselves - "practice what you preach". We don't try and sell many different solutions to the same problem. We find the most effective solution and stick to it!


We are reliable. Ordering and receiving parcels from us is one less thing you need to worry about in your life. 90% of our parcels arrive within 48 hours. The exceptions are outlying areas which take a bit longer.


You can trust us. We want this to be a positive and uplifting experience and we want the products you have purchased to genuinely help, without costing an arm or a leg. We also want you to tell everyone you know about us if you feel that you've received great service!


Chantelle McHattie




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